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About Us

Every Student Matters

Transforming lives by discovering purpose, building a diverse community, and inspiring acts of peace, love, unity, and acceptance. An exhilarating cardio workout choreographed by the hottest urban dancers to electrifying beats for a fun, addictive workout for all levels!

World of Dance U-Jam

Urban dance fitness, revolutionized. The two biggest names in dance, music, and fitness venture together to build stronger bodies and communal ties, one sweat-inducing class at a time.

A Tour De Force Team

WOD + U-Jam fitness founders (Susy C. and Matt Marks) join forces to bring a dynamic dance fitness phenomenon to the stage that matters most: your neighborhood.

Community Always

More than a social environment, our World of Dance U-Jam classes emphasize unity and strength in belonging. Dance is universal -- we鈥檙e simply laying the groundwork to build bridges, not walls.